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Govt. to supervise credit reporting for first time

NEW YORK — For the first time, companies that issue credit scores for millions of consumers which determine their credit-worthiness will be under government oversight. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will supervise roughly 30 firms that make up 94 percent ...

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Gary S. Williams: ‘Pay later’ mentality could ruin your credit

Installment debt is not a bad thing. It enables us to make major purchases that would be nearly impossible to finance up-front. The problem is, in this consumer society, we’re bombarded with advertisements for literally thousands of “must-have” products. The ...

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Gary S. Williams: Keep planning while waiting to sell your home

While most experts see little good news in 2011’s housing market, economic downturn is no reason to neglect maintenance on a home or lose sight of plans to relocate. The critical issue is planning intelligently for what spending you do ...

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