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Williams: Make a plan before paying down your debt

As Americans become more conscious about the damage debt can do to their finances, there’s always a question of whether it makes sense to pay down first mortgages and home equity lines so they can direct more money to retirement ...

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Credits help solar providers see bright future

Industry leaders painted a bright future for solar energy developers in Maryland at the Maryland, DC and Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association’s fourth annual conference. Tony Clifford, CEO of Rockville-based Standard Solar Inc. and president of the SEIA, said the ...

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Lawmakers vow to spare millions from alternative minimum tax

WASHINGTON — Leaders from both parties in Congress vowed Tuesday to spare more than 21 million taxpayers from significant tax increases when they file their returns next spring by adjusting the alternative minimum tax before the end of the year. ...

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Mergers and acquisitions in Maryland nearly double in 3Q

A buyer’s market, greater confidence and more access to credit and financing helped drive up the number of mergers and acquisitions in Maryland for the third quarter of this year. Following up on healthy second-quarter activity, the number and value ...

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Dena Frenkel: Pay attention to nations’ credit

There’s been plenty of attention paid lately to the battered state of consumer credit. But what happens when nations get low marks on their credit report cards? Like consumers, countries can get into a trouble when their ability to meet ...

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