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Tag Archives: criminal law

Top court reinstates kidnapper’s violation-of-probation conviction

Convicts released on probation must comply with the “lawful instructions” of their probation agents, Maryland’s top court has unanimously ruled in sending a convicted kidnapper and sex offender back to prison to serve out the remaining six years of his 20-year sentence.

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Opinions – 10/24/13: 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Criminal Law Crimes of violence  BOTTOM LINE: Defendant’s second-degree assault conviction did not constitute a predicate “violent felony” supporting a statutory sentencing enhancement because, under the applicable traditional categorical approach, Maryland’s second-degree assault statute reaches any unlawful touching, whether violent ...

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Opinions – 10/16/13: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Constitutional Law Void for vagueness doctrine  BOTTOM LINE: Criminal Law §8-611, which prohibits the distribution, sale, and possession, with an intent to sell or distribute, items identified by a counterfeit mark, is sufficiently clear and its prohibitions sufficiently narrow and, ...

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Md.’s top court finds constitutional right to lawyer at bail

Criminal defendants in Maryland have a constitutional right to counsel at their initial bail hearings, the state’s top court ruled Wednesday in a decision that could require the state to pay $28 million annually to provide the legal assistance.

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