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Tag Archives: criminal law

Opinions – 7/30/12 – Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Criminal Law Single larceny doctrine BOTTOM LINE: The evidence was sufficient to support defendant’s convictions for robbery, second-degree assault, and obtaining property by use of a stolen credit card; however, pursuant to the “single larceny” doctrine, defendant should have incurred ...

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Law digest: 6/18/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Criminal Procedure, Post-Conviction Procedure Act: Defense counsel’s failure to object to the advisory nature of the trial judge’s jury instructions at defendant’s trial did not amount to deficient representation, and the lack of objection to the ...

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Law digest: 5/29/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Alternative Dispute Resolution, Statute of limitations: While non-binding arbitration, mandated by an employment contract, may have constituted a condition precedent to litigation, pursuing arbitration neither postponed the accrual of the underlying breach of contract claims, nor ...

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Opinions – 4/23/12: 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Civil Procedure Driver’s Privacy Protection Act BOTTOM LINE: Buyers’ claims under Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994 failed as matter of law, because, where solicitation by lawyers is an accepted and expected element of conduct satisfying DPPA’s litigation exception, such ...

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