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Opinions – 4/16/12: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Criminal Law Inconsistent verdicts BOTTOM LINE: Defendant’s conviction for first-degree assault could have been based on a theory of aggravated guilt that was not legally inconsistent with the acquittal of defendant on related handgun charges. CASE: Dickerson v. State, No. ...

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A day to celebrate our greatness

On any given day, I may be in court. After enough trips, the process has become somewhat routine. I make sure that I am prepared, I arrive before the scheduled time (which allows me to talk with opposing counsel or ...

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Warnken receives lifetime achievement award

Professor Byron L. Warnken will receive the Robert C. Heeney Award, a lifetime achievement honor from within Maryland’s criminal law community. The Heeney recipient is selected annually by the Maryland State Bar Association Criminal Law & Practice Section, and Warnken ...

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Law digest: 2/21/12

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Civil Rights, Handicap discrimination under county code: Plaintiff’s latex allergy was an impairment which substantially limited her major life activities of socialization and parenting, and thus was a “handicap” within the meaning of the Howard County ...

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Biden’s ‘American exceptionalism’ and the rule of law

My old boss, Vice President Joe Biden, weighed in on “American exceptionalism” during a speech Monday. In subscribing to the idea, the former chairman of both the U.S. Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations committees provided the unique perspective that our ...

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Opinions – 1/17/12: Maryland Court of Appeals

Criminal Law Firearms BOTTOM LINE: A “firearm,” as defined in Public Safety §5-101(h), does not have to be operable in order to sustain a conviction under §5-133(c), which prohibits a person convicted of a crime of violence or offenses related ...

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