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Opinions – 10/17/11: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Criminal Law Supplemental jury instructions BOTTOM LINE: The circuit court did not err in giving a supplemental jury instruction, patterned upon the definition of consent set forth in the model second-degree rape instruction, in response to a jury question asking ...

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Opinions – 10/11/11: Maryland Court of Appeals

Constitutional Law Capital punishment BOTTOM LINE: The Maryland death penalty statute, which allows the jury to find by a preponderance of the evidence that aggravating circumstances outweigh mitigating circumstances, did not violate defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial. ...

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Opinions – 9/26/11: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Administrative Law Historic preservation BOTTOM LINE: Where homeowner obtained permission from city historic preservation commission to replace his front porch with wood columns, commission’s decision denying his application for after-the-fact certificate of approval of fiberglass columns was not premised on ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 9/6/11

Administrative Law Appeals BOTTOM LINE: In a declaratory judgment action in which plaintiff raised administrative procedure issues relating to defendant’s standing to challenge a decision by the County Planning Board, the Court of Appeals was unable to reach the issues ...

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