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Tag Archives: criminal procedure

Md.’s top court finds constitutional right to lawyer at bail

Criminal defendants in Maryland have a constitutional right to counsel at their initial bail hearings, the state’s top court ruled Wednesday in a decision that could require the state to pay $28 million annually to provide the legal assistance.

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DNA ‘match’ was inadmissible, Court of Special Appeals holds

Two men who were fighting charges of attempted murder were properly barred from presenting evidence that DNA from two other people had been collected from their getaway car, the Court of Special Appeals held.

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Court reinstates driver’s license suspension

The Maryland Court of Appeals on Thursday reinstated the 90-day suspension of a Carroll County man’s driver’s license for having driven drunk — more than four years after the high court heard the Motor Vehicle Administration’s appeal in the case.

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Editorial: Mental health status is not static

Maryland’s highest court demonstrated a highly disconcerting lack of understanding of mental health issues this week when it barred the state from re-evaluating the psychiatric condition of a killer as part of the process that could lead to his conditional release.

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Opinions – 7/30/12: 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Constitutional Law Compelled non-commercial speech BOTTOM LINE: City ordinance requiring limited-service pregnancy centers to post signs disclaiming that they did not provide or make referral for abortion or birth control services violated pregnancy center’s right to free speech, because ordinance ...

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Opinions – 7/30/12: Maryland Court of Appeals

Criminal Procedure Illegal sentence BOTTOM LINE: Defendant’s conviction and sentence for assault with intent to murder were illegal because that crime was not contained in the indictment returned by the grand jury. CASE: Johnson v. State, No. 84, September Term, ...

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