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Tag Archives: criminal procedure

Opinions – 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: 5/23/11

Criminal Procedure Tax fraud BOTTOM LINE: Where, in criminal tax prosecution, district court judge made repeated references to guilty pleas entered by defendant’s associates, references constituted trial error because pleas were not in evidence, but, since error was harmless, judgment ...

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Opinions – Court of Special Appeals: 4/18/11

Contract Law Guarantor BOTTOM LINE: Where managing member of professional limited liability company signed as guarantor of a credit agreement between the company and the lender, the clear language of the agreement showed that the guaranty was made in a ...

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Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 4/4/11

Civil Procedure Joinder BOTTOM LINE: The trial court, in a prior wrongful death action brought by decedent’s widow and children from second marriage, could not approve a settlement without the inclusion of decedent’s children from first marriage as plaintiffs; therefore, ...

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Opinions – U.S. District Court, Maryland: 4/4/11

Criminal Procedure Grand jury instructions BOTTOM LINE: Where grand jury was improperly instructed that the acting-on-advice-of-counsel defense was irrelevant at the charging stage of the proceeding, there was grave doubt that the grand jury’s decision to indict was free from ...

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Opinions – Court of Special Appeals: 3/21/11

Civil Procedure Denial of appeal BOTTOM LINE: The Court of Special Appeals did not have jurisdiction to hear a defendant’s appeal because the circuit court’s default judgment was not a final judgment and because the defendant’s pursuit of in banc ...

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Law digest: 3/21/11

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Civil Procedure, Continuance of trial: Trial court abused its discretion in denying a continuance of trial in order to accommodate plaintiff’s religious beliefs, which prohibited any appearance or advocacy on his behalf during a particular religious ...

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