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Tag Archives: criminal procedure

Opinions – Maryland Court of Appeals: 2/28/11

Criminal Procedure Confessions BOTTOM LINE: Where an interrogating officer implies that a suspect will be given special consideration in exchange for a confession and the suspect confesses in apparent reliance on that inducement, the confession is involuntary and inadmissible at trial ...

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Case Digest: 12/27/10

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Professional Responsibility Disbarment: Disbarment was the appropriate sanction, where the attorney misrepresented that he initiated lawsuits on behalf of clients, made inappropriate transfers of client funds, and misused clients’ funds held in the firm’s escrow account ...

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Opinions: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

MARYLAND COURT OF SPECIAL APPEALS Criminal Procedure, Plea agreements: Where judge rejected binding plea agreement and then transferred defendant’s case to another judge for trial, second judge properly refused to reconsider the plea agreement because a defendant has no right to ...

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Opinions: Maryland Court of Appeals

MARYLAND COURT OF APPEALS Civil Procedure, Contribution among joint tortfeasors: Physician defendant in wrongful death action, judgment against whom was reduced by a settlement entered into with a hospital, with an attendant release, was not entitled to further reduction by ...

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