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WikiLeaks cables sent State Department into crisis

The U.S. State Department took extraordinary steps to limit harm to foreign relations and individuals after an Army private allegedly sent more than 250,000 classified diplomatic cables to the secret-sharing website WikiLeaks, two agency officials testified at a court-martial hearing ...

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Robert Nusgart – European woes offer yet another chance to refinance

Thank you Greece. Thank you Spain. Thank you Portugal. Thank you for fueling the European debt debacle that continues to make the American bond market a haven for skittish investors looking for a “flight to safety” for their money. And ...

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Democrats, Republicans far apart on deficit deal

WASHINGTON — A Democrat on a special deficit-cutting “supercommittee” Wednesday questioned whether Republicans are still interested in negotiating after the panel’s top GOP member said Republicans have “gone as far as we feel we can go” on tax hikes. A ...

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Realities of Real Estate: Are we fixing the problem or prolonging the pain

As we wind down 2011 and start thinking about the new year, many of us take pause to reflect on past events, in hopes to better prepare for that which is yet to come. With a severe and stubborn recession ...

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Realities of Real Estate: Seeking the ‘new normal’ in residential real estate

We’ve been writing a real estate column for over three years now. Our first piece hit the papers on Sept. 18, 2008. Just three days earlier, the subprime mortgage crisis forced Lehman Brothers to file for Chapter 11. A few ...

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