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Tag Archives: cruel and unusual punishment

Judge orders Snow Hill detainees’ release amid COVID-19 (access required)

A federal judge Thursday ordered the release of two Worcester County Detention Center detainees after discovering a third detainee had exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 virus, information the jurist said was known but not disclosed to the court by either jail ...

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Hogan issues order on ‘meaningful opportunity’ for juvenile lifers’ release (access required)

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order Friday stating he will give juvenile offenders serving life sentences a “meaningful opportunity for release” based on their demonstrated maturity and rehabilitation while in prison – standards set by the ...

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Md. high court weighs constitutionality of juvenile life sentences (access required)

ANNAPOLIS – The Maryland Court of Appeals should set parole-reviewing standards to ensure that people sentenced as juveniles to life in prison have a “meaningful opportunity” for release based on their maturity and rehabilitation behind bars as required by the ...

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Md. high court will hear state’s juvenile-sentencing appeal (access required)

Maryland’s top court will consider whether a man sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole for the brutal slayings of three people and the attempted murder of two others while a juvenile was improperly granted a motion ...

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Constitutionality of juvenile life sentences reaches Md. high court (access required)

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland’s top court will consider whether people sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed as juveniles have a “meaningful opportunity” for clemency or parole by the state based on their maturity and rehabilitation behind bars, as required ...

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Md. high court weighs constitutionality of victim-impact video (access required)

A defense attorney told a skeptical Maryland high court Friday that a videotaped, set-to-music victim-impact statement designed to stir a sentencing judge’s emotions violated a convicted double-murderer’s federal constitutional rights to due process and be free from arbitrary and capricious ...

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Md. appellate court upholds 70-year sentence for fee-waiver fraud (access required)

Court of Appeals

The Court of Special Appeals has upheld a 70-year sentence for a man convicted of theft scheme and perjury for repeatedly making false statements about his finances to obtain waivers of civil filing fees in Montgomery County Circuit Court. The ...

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Challengers to Md. sentencing of young offenders welcome 4th Ciruit’s decision (access required)


A court decision striking down the life-without-parole sentence of a juvenile offender in Virginia has provided ammunition for Maryland civil-rights attorneys who claim 200 convicts are being held unconstitutionally under de facto life sentences without parole in Maryland.

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