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Hospitals urged to boost protections against data breaches

10-27-2016 ELKTON, MD- Janet Maldonado, care transition nurse seen there training a patient, Frank Adams, how to use the  Union hospital Telehealth System, which monitors patient health from home and lower re-admission rates.  (The Daily Record/ Maximilian Franz).

When it comes to patient health records, employee information and data from medical technology devices, hospitals have a treasure trove of sensitive, private information to keep confidential. “The whole idea of having electronic records positions hospitals to provide better care ...

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Cyberattack fallout mires globe; DLA Piper shuts systems

A computer screen cyberattack warning notice reportedly holding computer files to ransom, as part of a massive international cyberattack, at an office in Kiev, Ukraine, Tuesday June 27, 2017,   A new and highly virulent outbreak of malicious data-scrambling software appears to be causing mass disruption across Europe, hitting Ukraine especially hard.  Image used with permission of the account holder facebook.com/olejmaa checked and consistent with independent AP reporting.  (Oleg Reshetnyak via AP)

The global cyberattack that has been wending its way across continents since Tuesday started creating real consequences at some businesses even as the virus’s spread seemed to be abating. FedEx Corp. said it could suffer a “material” financial impact after ...

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Nation’s 911 centers increasingly at risk of cyberattacks

The nation’s 911 call centers need more funding, more employee training and “layers of defense” to halt a growing number of cyberattacks, says Tim Lorello, president and CEO of the Odenton-based SecuLore Solutions. (The Daily Record / Maximilian Franz)

  As the nation’s 911 call centers move into a next generation of technology that will allow them to respond to texts or even pictures from cellphone users who need emergency services, security experts said this important first line of ...

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