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Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Inc.

Sep 16, 2022

Cybersecurity experts warn lack of urgency to warnings is greatest threat

A panel of four experts warns executives' lack of urgency in fixing vulnerabilities, lax data security and complacency about safety measures present the most significant cybersecurity threats to businesses.

Feb 14, 2022

SCALEUP Maryland partners with CAMI to help businesses grow 

A number of programs exist to help people start businesses, but there are few that focus on helping companies that have reached an inflection point. One such program was created with funding from the Maryland Department of Commerce and the T. Rowe Price Foundation. Put  together by bwtech@UMBC and TCV Growth Partners, the SCALEUP Maryland […]

Sep 21, 2021

The top takeaways from Maryland’s cyber summit

A new state partnership with the National Security Agency, an institute for innovative computing, and codifying a statewide privacy network are just a few of the initiatives to come out of the Annapolis Cybersecurity Summit. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing more people into the virtual world, experts have seen a sharp increase in cybersecurity threats, including […]

Mar 29, 2018

Bill would create incentives to support Md. cybersecurity industry

A Maryland bill would incentivize investors to put their funds in Maryland cybersecurity companies, attempting to overcome an apparent lack of capital for the state’s startups. The bill also brings in an administration plan to create a “Buy Maryland” program for cybersecurity products and services, a second program that supporters hope pushes the bill over […]

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