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Md. tax giveaways divert billions with largely unknown impact

Robert L. Higgins plucked four coins from a refrigerator-size safe in the basement of the Baltimore Convention Center and fanned out a small fortune in his hands. While the face value of the coins would be just enough to buy ...

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Md. legislators trimming venture fund proposal

ANNAPOLIS — Lawmakers are slimming Gov. Martin O’Malley’s top economic proposal in response to concerns over the potential cost of his plan to spur growth in high-tech startups with a state-run venture capital fund. The governor is seeking $100 million ...

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Combined reporting gains traction; hurdles remain

ANNAPOLIS — A proposal to toughen taxes for multistate corporations could grow more palatable to lawmakers as they approach votes on a package of spending cuts and accounting maneuvers designed to span a $1.6 billion budget deficit. Supporters of combined ...

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