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Paper maps: Amid GPS boom, nostalgia finds a place

COLUMBUS, Ohio  — Used to be, Dad would stuff a half-dozen maps in the glove box before setting out with the family on a road trip to see the waterfalls at Yosemite or the granite faces of Mount Rushmore. Colorful ...

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No new record at annual Punkin Chunkin contest

BRIDGEVILLE, Del. — The annual Punkin Chunkin contest has ended in Delaware, but it appears there’s no new record pumpkin launch. The 26th annual contest, where inventors and tinkerers gather to see whose contraption can heave a pumpkin the farthest, ...

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O’Donnell’s Senate campaign set Delaware spending record

WASHINGTON — Delaware Republican Christine O’Donnell set a state record by spending more than $6.1 million in her losing Senate campaign against Democrat Chris Coons. Delaware elections commissioner Elaine Manlove said she is confident no one has spent more in ...

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Judge in Tribune Co. bankruptcy to allow greater openness in case

WILMINGTON, Del. — The judge in Tribune Co.’s bankruptcy is allowing the unsecured creditors committee to file an uncensored version of a lawsuit against key players in the leveraged buyout that saddled the company with debt. The new, unredacted version ...

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