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Official: $11B eyed in JPMorgan settlement talks

ALBANY, N.Y. — An $11 billion national settlement is under discussion to resolve claims over JPMorgan’s handling of mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the recession, said a government official familiar with ongoing negotiations among bank, federal and state officials. ...

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American, U.S. Airways to government: You just don’t get it

DALLAS — American Airlines and US Airways say that the government’s opposition to their planned merger shows that it doesn’t understand the airline industry. The Justice Department and several states sued last month to block the merger, on the grounds ...

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Judge: Airline-merger trial to start in November

WASHINGTON — A federal judge said Friday that the government’s lawsuit to block the proposed merger of American Airlines and US Airways will start Nov. 25, a timetable favored by the airlines. The U.S. Justice Department had wanted the trial ...

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Judge likely to approve bankruptcy exit of American Airlines’ parent co.

NEW YORK — A federal judge signaled Thursday that he is leaning toward approving American Airlines’ emergence from bankruptcy protection but wanted more time to reflect. “I’m finding the arguments in favor of confirmation fairly persuasive,” Judge Sean H. Lane ...

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U.S. judge blasts DOJ over drug sentence disparities

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A federal judge in Iowa has sharply criticized the U.S. Department of Justice for creating massive drug sentencing disparities by failing to have a policy, until recently, advising prosecutors on when to double the prison time ...

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