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Baltimore’s quest for urban renewal

At a CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) panel discussion yesterday, local developers, tenants and economic development officials talked about how Baltimore’s businesses and development projects are poised to make it though these unstable economic times. The panelists, Courtney Capute of ...

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Basu with the news

Anirban Basu, the local economics luminary who runs the Sage Policy Group, knows how to give a good talk. His presentations, more than any professorial type I’ve ever seen, make the audience laugh, and never really degenerate into the dense ...

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Harbor East construction update

On a walk today through Harbor East with H&S Properties Development president Michael Beatty and assistant development manager Christopher Janian, we made time to take a look at the progress over at the Four Seasons / Legg Mason Tower site, ...

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Reservoir run dry

The Washington Post led its business section today with a front-page story about the foreclosure crisis and how it affects gentrifying urban neighborhoods like Baltimore’s Reservoir Hill. The article centers on a debate in Congress over $4 billion in emergency ...

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