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New federal rule is not really helpful for disabled air travelers

I recently rewatched the movie “Meet the Fockers,” reflecting upon the protagonist’s mishaps with airline travel. As Americans, including those with disabilities, who pay taxes, we recently subsidized the survival of the airlines as these private-public entities because of the ...

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Nonprofit Chimes gets new CEO

Chimes International Ltd., a Baltimore-based nonprofit that supports and provides training to thousands of people with disabilities, is getting a new CEO. Terence Blackwell, who formerly worked with Services for the Underserved in New York, will be taking over the position ...

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Life of Social Security trust funds loses 3 years

WASHINGTON — High energy prices and an economy that has been slow to rebound are worsening Social Security’s finances, shortening the life of the trust funds that support program by three years, the government said Monday. Those funds will now ...

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Plan would lift wages of home health care workers

WASHINGTON — Workers in the home health care industry — one of the country’s fastest growing professions — would be guaranteed minimum wage and overtime protections under new rules proposed Thursday by the Obama administration. The move would boost living ...

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Maryland advocates rally for alcohol tax for disabled

ANNAPOLIS — Advocates for the disabled are rallying for an increase in the alcohol tax to help fund community services. Advocates and disabled residents shouted “10 cents makes sense” during the rally Friday in Annapolis in front of the Maryland ...

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Disabled protest possible budget cuts in Annapolis

ANNAPOLIS — Disabled Maryland residents are calling on Gov. Martin O’Malley to avoid budget cuts to Medicaid that they fear could damage community-based support services and force them into nursing homes. About 10 people held a brief protest inside the ...

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