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Tag Archives: Disbarment

Connecticut provides right to counsel in eviction proceedings

Welcome to Monday, the 28th anniversary of President Bill Clinton’s nomination of Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. Here are some news items to get your week started. — Connecticut governor signs law giving low-income renters a right to ...

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Maryland high court disbars Annapolis attorney for lying to client

A unanimous Maryland high court has disbarred an Annapolis attorney who compounded his failure to file an appeal as promised by not only declining to tell his business client about the court’s resulting dismissal of the case but then lying about trying to reinstate the appeal.

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Md. high court disbars attorney who raided estate’s funds

A unanimous Maryland top court has disbarred a probate attorney who raided a client’s nearly $850,000 estate for personal use, including to pay his daughters’ private school tuition, his credit card bills and his legal malpractice insurance premiums. Nicholas G. ...

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Md. high court disbars unlicensed attorney

A unanimous Maryland top court Wednesday disbarred a District of Columbia attorney who practiced law in Maryland without a state license, lied to a client about the status of his personal injury claim and failed to properly keep settlement funds ...

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Prominent lawyer fights claims he violated ethics rules in seeking $25M fee

Did a well-known malpractice lawyer commit a potentially disbarrable offense in seeking – perhaps with the threat of a damaging public disclosure – a $25 million consulting gig with the University of Maryland Medical System while representing a woman whose ...

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