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Md. court sets framework for resolving frozen-embryo disputes

In approving the proposal to amend Rule 702, the advisory committee was blunt in its criticism of federal courts for not adhering to the previous iteration of the rule.

A divorcing couple’s fight over the fate of their frozen pre-embryo will return to trial after Maryland’s second-highest court ruled Thursday that a judge’s decision to await an agreement between the warring spouses was premature because the wife wants to ...

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Another state’s civil union qualifies for Maryland divorce, court says

The Court of Appeals builiding in Annapolis. MF-D 9/20/04.

ANNAPOLIS – Maryland divorce law can tear asunder a same-sex civil union that another state has brought together, Maryland’s second-highest court has ruled. In a reported 3-0 decision, the Court of Special Appeals said Maryland will regard a civil union ...

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Parenting plan process rolls out in Maryland custody cases

Court of Appeals Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera says the proposed name change necessary because the current moniker is “the source of much confusion.” (The Daily Record/File Photo)

Maryland’s new parenting plan process for custody matters went into effect earlier this year and aims to prioritize the best interests of children and encourage collaboration between parents. A parenting plan determines how parents will care for children and make ...

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Md. high court: Spouses can decouple property without calling it ‘non-marital’

The Courts of Appeals building in Annapolis. (The Daily Record File)

A married couple can agree that property they buy as husband and wife belongs solely to him or her without expressly stating in the agreement that the property is “non-marital,” Maryland’s top court has ruled. The Court of Appeals decision ...

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Differing versions of divorce-evidence bill emerge from General Assembly committees

Sen. Victor Ramirez, D-Prince George’s, sponsored cross-filed legislation with the House of Delegates to allow domestic violence orders to be introduced as evidence as divorce proceedings, only to see the bill edited in the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee. ‘I don’t particularly agree with how it was amended but that’s how we were able to get it out of committee,’ he told delegates Thursday. (File photo)

Legislation to allow domestic violence orders to be introduced as evidence in divorce proceedings has passed both houses of the Maryland General Assembly — but not without being limited by amendments by a Senate committee. The cross-filed bills repeal a ...

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