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Opinions – 10/24/11: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Criminal Procedure Waiver of Miranda rights BOTTOM LINE: Where defendant did not unequivocally invoke his right to counsel, he waived his Miranda rights and, therefore, the statement defendant made during his custodial interrogation by police was admissible at trial. CASE: ...

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Convicted murderer can question lab tech about DNA from 1973 case

Maryland’s top court has revived a convicted murderer’s effort to recover DNA evidence from the state he contends will exonerate him of the 1973 slaying. The Court of Appeals on Thursday said Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Kaye A. Allison ...

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Convicted child-killers seek third trial

Lawyers for two Mexican immigrants serving life sentences for the triple murder of their young relatives asked the state’s highest court on Tuesday to grant them another trial, their third. Policarpio Espinoza Perez and Adan Espinoza Canela say the second ...

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