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Can police take your DNA without consent or a warrant?

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to meet privately on Friday to discuss whether Americans have a constitutional right against surreptitious collection of their DNA. Glenn J. Raynor was convicted of rape in 2009 in Harford County Court; his DNA ...

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DNA could help both sides in serial-killer case


Welcome to Monday, the 223rd anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Here are some news items to get your week started. — Prosecution and defense cite DNA evidence in California trial of accused serial killer. — Do ...

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DNA test rules apply equally, top court rules

Saying what is true for the prosecution is true for the defense, Maryland’s top court said defendants can submit a DNA mismatch at trial only if the genetic sample undergoes an additional test that confirms the initial result.

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Court of Appeals upholds DNA check of suspect’s sweat

People who voluntarily submit to questioning in a police station relinquish any claim to the perspiration they happen to leave behind on a chair – even when detectives examine the bodily fluid for DNA linking them to a crime, a divided Maryland high court ruled Wednesday.

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