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Law blog roundup

On the 159th anniversary of the publication of Alfred Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade," here are some news items to get the week started.

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DNA ‘match’ was inadmissible, Court of Special Appeals holds

Two men who were fighting charges of attempted murder were properly barred from presenting evidence that DNA from two other people had been collected from their getaway car, the Court of Special Appeals held.

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Editorial: Forensic analysis not exempt from 6th Amendment

The outrage from Stephen B. Mercer of the state public defender’s office over the interpretation of a Supreme Court decision that led to convictions being upheld in two rape cases is understandable, given such a clear disconnect between what the Sixth Amendment says and what the Maryland Court of Appeals says it means.

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Public defender’s office ‘seriously considering’ Supreme Court appeal in DNA cases

Two recent Maryland high court decisions upholding rape convictions based on DNA analysis could set the stage for Supreme Court appeals based on the failure of analysts to testify at trial.

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