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Hogan might need dancing shoes

In a post-election assessment of Maryland’s winners and losers, Gov. Larry Hogan get both the up and the down arrow: a little winning, a little losing. Turned out the stakes were a little higher than he thought, but still … ...

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Trump’s defense spending plan may boost Lockheed, but is it a gimmick?

Defense contractors and investors are celebrating Donald Trump’s plan to boost weapons spending, but Pentagon budgeting experts say he’s counting on savings that won’t come true — the old Washington saw of rooting out waste, fraud and abuse. “It’s a ...

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Trump’s win likely dooms Baltimore federal judgeship, alters 4th Circuit

Donald J. Trump’s election victory likely dooms the federal-judgeship hopes of an Obama nominee in Baltimore and could shift the ideological composition of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Trump’s victory likely dooms Gallagher’s bid for federal bench in Md.

The presidential election of Donald J. Trump likely ends U.S. Magistrate Judge Stephanie A. Gallagher’s bid for a seat on the federal district court in Baltimore. President Barack Obama’s nomination of Gallagher has laid dormant in the Senate since May ...

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Trump bashed with spray paint at Md. county GOP headquarters

SALISBURY — A county Republican headquarters in Maryland has been vandalized with language bashing Donald Trump. Delmarvanow reports that messages in spray paint appeared on the Wicomico Republican headquarters early Saturday morning. Someone disparaged the Republican nominee for president with ...

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