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Developer loses constitutional challenge to MoCo zoning change

Montgomery County did not violate a developer’s constitutional rights by adopting a water system amendment to a master zoning plan, changes that devalued the planned development, a federal appeals court ruled last week. In its reported 3-0 decision, the 4th ...

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Mount Savage getting more reliable clean water

MOUNT SAVAGE — About 450 people in western Maryland town of Mount Savage are getting more reliable drinking water. Maryland Congressman Roscoe Bartlett is among the dignitaries scheduled to attend a dedication ceremony Monday for the energy-efficient water distribution system. ...

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Elevated arsenic levels found in Washington Co.

HAGERSTOWN — The Maryland Department of the Environment says water seeping from the ground in the area of Washington County’s Old City/County Landfill was found to have an arsenic level nearly twice as high as the federal standard for drinking ...

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EPA to probe gas drilling’s toll on drinking water

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency is set to start the first federal probe into whether the controversial drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing is spoiling and diminishing drinking water supplies. The agency’s final study plan was released Thursday. The ...

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Study finds gas in drinking water near drilling sites

WASHINGTON — New research is providing some of the first scientific evidence that a controversial gas drilling technique can contaminate drinking water. The study published Monday found potentially dangerous concentrations of methane gas in water from wells near drilling sites ...

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