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Montgomery County deaths spur Maryland drunken-driving bills

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said the potential for jail time for parents who host underage drinking parties puts ‘additional teeth’ into existing laws. ‘There should be consequences for these actions other than a fine,’ he says. ‘Fines are wholly inadequate as maximum penalties.’ (Photo illustration by Maximilian Franz)

The drunken-driving-related deaths in Montgomery County last year of two recent high-school graduates and a police officer have spurred legislation to allow judges to imprison adults who host underage-drinking parties, permit drunken-driving victims to get punitive damages and increase the punishment for drunken motorists who kill people.

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Md. high court considers liability for hosts of underage drinking parties

Attorneys for victims of drunken driving told Maryland’s top court last week that a parent or other adult who hosts an underage drinking party owes a legal duty to the young attendees such that he or she can be held liable for an intoxicated attendee’s death or injuries sustained by someone struck by an inebriated teenager driving from the event.

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