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Montgomery Co. files class-action suit against Juul over underage vaping

Montgomery County filed a potential class-action suit Friday alleging an e-cigarette manufacturer created an epidemic of underage nicotine addiction by portraying its product and vaping as “a teen pop culture icon and status symbol.” The lawsuit against Juul Labs Inc. claims ...

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FAA warns airlines on e-cigarettes

The Federal Aviation Administration, which already bans flammables and explosives in checked airplane baggage, is now advising airlines to consider the potential fire risk from e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes typically heat liquid nicotine into an inhaled vapor by using lithium-based batteries, which ...

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WHO: Regulate e-cigarettes

(AP) Governments should have tougher rules for electronic cigarettes — banning their use indoors and putting them off limits for minors — until more evidence can be gathered about their risks, the U.N. health agency said Tuesday. In a bid ...

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