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Top 5: ‘Too big to fail?’ all week

The Daily Record’s five-month investigation into the redevelopment of East Baltimore was released in 12 installments over five days this week. The stories — particularly ones from the first three days of the series — dominated web traffic on our ...

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Too big to fail? on The Marc Steiner Show, Midday with Dan Rodricks

Reporters Melody Simmons and Joan Jacobson have been investigating the redevelopment of East Baltimore since I started at The Daily Record in August. I was fortunate enough to work with them on several multimedia components to supplement their reporting. The ...

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Daily Record investigation: Principal sees hope in a work in progress

The day was “like Christmas” — optimistic, energetic and full of hope, recalls Cathleene J. Miles. It was Aug. 31, 2009 and the temporary East Baltimore Community School was open for business. No one was more optimistic, energetic and full ...

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Daily Record investigation: All articles on East Baltimore’s redevelopment

DAY 1: A dream derailed The nation’s largest urban redevelopment, a projected $1.8 billion effort to transform 88 acres of East Baltimore into a world-class biotech park and idyllic urban community, lies derailed amid vacant lots, boarded houses and unfulfilled ...

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Daily Record investigation: Wrecking buildings or lives in Middle East?

Did they have to destroy the community to save it? Most of The New East Baltimore’s 88 acres remain undeveloped, with only 37 percent of the rental and for-sale homes planned for the first phase actually built. East Baltimore Development ...

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Daily Record investigation: Seeking a new vision

It was a glass-half-full day. It was a time to celebrate cranes in the air — four of them — towering behind Johns Hopkins Hospital, where the stalled $1.8 billion East Baltimore redevelopment project was getting a jump start. None ...

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