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Editorial Advisory Board: Saying Baltimore is safe does not make it so

Years ago, Rolling Stone magazine ran the iconic ad campaign “Perception vs. Reality.” The magazine suffered a severe identity crisis: Was its audience dope-smoking hippies or affluent professionals? Baltimore suffers from a perception that it is a dangerous city. Police ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: No NDA can stop participant from dropping a dime

Over the past few years, this board has opined on Baltimore City’s abuse of the settlement process in dealing with cases of alleged police misconduct. By entering into settlements that included nondisclosure agreement terms (NDA), and by rigorously enforcing the provision, the city kept from ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Peace Cross decision overlooks today’s reality

In American Legion v. American Humanist Association, the Supreme Court of the United States reversed the 4th Circuit’s decision that the Bladensburg Peace Cross, a 40-foot-high granite cross in the median of a divided highway in Prince George’s County, violated ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Business community needs better access to justice

Maryland has taken great strides to improve access to courts to many classes of litigants perceived to be denied justice. Strides have included speedy trials for criminal defendants, expedited resolution of guardianships and child welfare cases, and a District Court ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Celebrating Pride Month

Every June, LGBTQ individuals and allies recognize Pride Month as a way to celebrate their unity and to recognize the progress the gay community has made in terms of legal protections and overall acceptance. This year is particularly poignant, as ...

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