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Editorial Advisory Board: Hogan’s crime plans show he’s out of touch

Gov. Larry Hogan’s latest proposals for dealing with the high crime rate in Baltimore city demonstrate how completely out of touch he is with reality. The proposals include tougher sentences for violent crimes involving guns, tougher sentences for witness intimidation, ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Kudos to Marilyn Mosby

On Nov. 19, 2019, the Maryland Court of Appeals voted unanimously to adopt Maryland Rule 4-333, which implements the statute passed by the General Assembly last year allowing prosecutors to move to vacate a conviction in light of newly discovered ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Benching the bench

Last year this Editorial Advisory Board commented on the new rules proposed by the Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure for Judicial Discipline (Rules Committee) in Maryland  and the subsequent adoption of those rules by the Court of ...

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