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Editorial: Shutdown highlights deeper political problems

Even though last year’s monumental Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act was, by many accounts, the final word on Obamacare, the House of Representatives is changing the calculus by forcing debate again via the federal budget process.

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Editorial: Waiver not at heart of BJ’s case

A case now being considered by the Court of Appeals has less to do with whether a shopping-weary parent signed a waiver for his son to enter a store’s play area than the standards to which such environments are constructed.

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Editorial: At long last, justice on time

Kudos to Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera, who promised this week that the top court will issue its decisions “at the very latest” by the Aug. 31 after which appeals are heard, calling it “a new policy” that will be “immediately implemented.”

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