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Editorial: Forensic analysis not exempt from 6th Amendment

The outrage from Stephen B. Mercer of the state public defender’s office over the interpretation of a Supreme Court decision that led to convictions being upheld in two rape cases is understandable, given such a clear disconnect between what the Sixth Amendment says and what the Maryland Court of Appeals says it means.

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Editorial: Too much infighting over city’s development projects

All the recent sniping over whether to grant taxpayer-financed infrastructure subsidies to help lure Exelon to a proposed development at Harbor Point has obscured a critical point — that ultimately, any new development will help the city as a whole.

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Editorial: Closed meetings violate public trust

Disappointingly, and unsurprisingly, the Baltimore mayor’s office and officials with the city’s Board of Finance offered little more than platitudes after a clear-cut ruling by a state body charged with ensuring government transparency that stated the city blatantly violated Maryland’s Open Meetings Act.

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Editorial: Mental health status is not static

Maryland’s highest court demonstrated a highly disconcerting lack of understanding of mental health issues this week when it barred the state from re-evaluating the psychiatric condition of a killer as part of the process that could lead to his conditional release.

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Editorial: A green light for Perez

With members of the U.S. Senate reaching a compromise to allow confirmation votes for presidential appointees, thereby avoiding the much-discussed nuclear option of eliminating a 60-vote threshold for some decisions, Tom Perez will become the country’s next secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor.

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