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The Daily Record News Quiz: June 6 – 10

Have you been keeping up with The Daily Record’s news this week? Take our 10-question weekly news quiz in this fun, interactive feature. Leave a comment below and tell us how many questions you got right!

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Hale and Peter Angelos make up

In an exclusive interview with Daily Record reporters and editors, First Mariner Bancorp CEO Edwin F. Hale Sr. tells the story of how he and Baltimore Orioles owner Peter G. Angelos recently made amends after Angelos sued him in 2002 over billboards on 1st Mariner Arena. The two hadn't spoken since then, but Hale says they picked up right where they left off.

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First Mariner CEO Edwin Hale gets ready for his next act

Over his career, First Mariner Bancorp CEO Edwin F. Hale Sr. could be seen as the quintessential Baltimore success story who managed to do the improbable and start his own bank with little more than grit, street smarts and two ...

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