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Oaks officially withdraws from voter rolls, now ineligible for office

Former state senator Nathaniel Oaks agreed over the weekend to withdraw his voter registration and make himself an ineligible candidate, which voters seeking to remove his name from the primary election ballot hope will make a judge reconsider his Friday ruling declining to order the removal.

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What about David Craig?

One candidate for governor and his running mate are curiously missing from the recent lawsuit filed in Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Thursday that seeks an injunction against an opinion issued on campaign fundraising.

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Law digest: 7/9/12

Administrative Law, Driver’s license suspension: In overturning a driver’s license suspension based on driving while intoxicated, the circuit court improperly ruled that the officer had to indicate, on the Motor Vehicle Administration form, the reasonable grounds for the underlying stop ...

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Opinions – 1/23/12: Maryland Court of Appeals

Criminal Procedure Right to counsel at bail determination BOTTOM LINE: Under Maryland’s Public Defender statute, an indigent defendant has a right to appointed counsel at his or her initial appearance before a judicial officer in order for the judicial officer ...

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