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Ehrlich, O’Malley won’t back liquor tax hike

ANNAPOLIS — The proposed dime-a-drink tax on alcoholic beverages, which would pay for health care initiatives and disability services, may have strong support in the General Assembly, but neither candidate for governor backs the proposal, campaign spokesmen said. “Ehrlich likes ...

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Sitting judges: ‘Unofficial’ update

The state Board of Elections’ vote totals are still listed as “unofficial.” But a week out from election day, I think I can report the results of the contested judicial elections primaries without fear of a “Dewey Defeats Truman” situation. ...

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Election results speak loudly

This week’s primary election might turn out to be transformational for Baltimore. It almost certainly is more important than many realize. Those few who bothered to vote tried to take some control of their lives and their government. Race was ...

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Bernstein keeps lead after absentee ballots counted

Challenger Gregg L. Bernstein Thursday added 68 votes to his slim lead in the Democratic primary for Baltimore City State’s Attorney after election officials counted 1,631 absentee ballots. With 99.3 percent of the precincts reporting and all but provisional and ...

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