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The Slots Debacle

If you think Maryland’s legislative branch has a propensity for stifling common-sense business moves and the resulting tax benefit, no further proof need be given than its bungling of the slots referendum and implementation. The General Assembly has already put ...

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Friends of the Senator Theatre target BDC

Preservation groups are targeting the Baltimore Development Corp. with a letter campaign for not having a historical preservation expert on its board. In a Mar. 11 letter to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore Heritage Executive Director Johns Hopkins said the “BDC ...

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Lindsay Lohan is a plaintiff, though she may not know it

Perhaps even more than online investing, E*Trade has become famous for its talking baby commercials, now a Super Bowl staple.  Though there have been some memorable installments over the years (see, e.g., “why don’t you try reading the rules shankopotomus“), ...

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What are Terps/Duke tickets worth to YOU?

On eBay, a pair of tickets to last night’s basketball game between Duke and Maryland were advertised for sale for $600. On Craigslist, another pair of tickets to the same game were advertised for sale for $1,000. Given the magnitude ...

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Go Ape — the new company retreat?

We’ve all heard of the usual ropes courses, circles of trust and zip lines typical of company retreats. But a new business opening in May in Rockville makes all those activities look like child’s play. If you’ve ever been to ...

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