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The King of Pop as peacemaker

With all of the various tributes to Michael Jackson, I was reminded this morning of one of his more underappreciated roles: preventer of gang violence. I’m of course referring to his rad ’80s music video to “Beat It,” one of ...

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Phished his wish

In the space of less than a year I have had the privilege of seeing two sensational and exceptionally different performances at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The first time I got to hobnob with the city’s elite, courtesy of tickets ...

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WWE vs. NBA, the rematch

Tuesday, I wrote about the WWE/NBA scheduling conflict at the Pepsi Center in Denver, which was resolved in the short-term when the arena owners (who also own the Denver Nuggets) said basketball would be played there Monday night. Now comes word ...

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NBA bodyslams WWE

From the Lawsuit Waiting to Happen Dept.: Last August, World Wrestling Entertainment reserved the Pepsi Center in Denver on May 25 for its Monday Night Raw show and has already sold more than 10,000 tickets. It signed a contract confirming ...

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If it ain’t broke, fix it anyway

That at least seems to be the thinking behind some of the upgrades to the Nationals Park experience this year. The ballpark is only a year old and already they’re ripping out the furniture and hanging up new artwork like ...

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Of signs and Seinfeld

Rarely does a day go by where I don’t make a “Seinfeld” reference – not that there’s anything wrong with that (I think). It has become a language unto itself between some of my friends, to the point where we ...

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