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Pixelligent raises new equity funding

Pixelligent Technologies LLC, of Baltimore, a manufacturer of high-quality nanomaterials, composed of extremely small particles used in the electronics, semiconductor and industrial sectors, said it has closed on $5.1 million in new equity funding from a group of investors led by the Abell Foundation of Baltimore.

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Robert Nusgart: Equity line help would lift housing market

The Federal Reserve spoke. The markets listened. And mortgage rates took another nosedive. Yes, mortgage rates have moved to another low point after the Fed on Wednesday basically said that the tough economic times are going to stick around for ...

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Realities of Real Estate: A Short History of the Home Mortgage

As the federal government begins to grapple with the new reality that there are limitations on how much money our nation can borrow, we are starting to examine possible changes to the tax code, as well as how our tax ...

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Gary S. Williams: Do homework to see if paying off mortgage makes sense

As Americans become more conscious about the damage debt can do to their finances, there’s always a question of whether it makes sense to pay down first mortgages and home equity lines so more money can be directed to retirement ...

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