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Citigroup investors give thumbs down to exec pay

NEW YORK — Citigroup shareholders are strongly expressing their displeasure with the pay that the bank’s top executives are taking home. At its annual meeting Tuesday, 55 percent of shareholders voted against the pay packages that have been granted to ...

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Maryland business executives find few reasons for optimism

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland business executives delivered a mixed economic forecast Tuesday, tempering any reasons for optimism with caveats and warnings about pitfalls for the state in the coming months. Banks can’t find enough qualified borrowers looking for money, and consumers ...

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Rules lets FDIC recover pay from failed bank execs

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators will be able to take back two years of pay from executives held responsible for a large bank’s failure. Executives deemed “negligent” and “substantially responsible” for a big bank’s failure can lose all of their compensation ...

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