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New Hollywood fitness fave: Drumstick-smashing!

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Move over, pole-dancing, kettlebells and Zumba. Drumstick-smashing is the latest rage to hit the Hollywood exercise circuit, offering a workout similar to Pilates or boot camp, but without the serenity of a yoga studio or the ...

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Dogs and water: How to play and exercise safely

LOS ANGELES — When you think of four-legged swimmers, Labrador retrievers might come to mind. But any dog can take to the water if enticed properly. “I don’t think that every dog has an inherent skill. They might all have ...

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Law clerk replaces office chair with stability ball to stay fit on the job

Read any healthy living magazine and you’re bound to find suggestions for staying fit while working a desk job. In February, Melissa Goldmeier, a law clerk in the General Master’s Office at the Baltimore City Circuit Court, decided to take ...

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