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Md. court sets framework for resolving frozen-embryo disputes

A divorcing couple’s fight over the fate of their frozen pre-embryo will return to trial after Maryland’s second-highest court ruled Thursday that a judge’s decision to await an agreement between the warring spouses was premature because the wife wants to ...

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Parent cannot sue based on co-parent’s criticism, Md. appeals court says

One parent’s incessant and insulting criticism of the other to their child does not give rise to a compensable claim of intentional interference with parental relations by the criticized parent, even if the child does not want to visit him ...

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Court suspends Md. lawyer who failed ‘basic preparation’

Maryland’s top court has suspended for 60 days a Baltimore family law practitioner who failed to communicate with her divorcing client, respond to discovery-of-information requests from the estranged husband and meet with the attorney for the couple’s young daughter. In ...

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Parenting plan process rolls out in Maryland custody cases

Maryland’s new parenting plan process for custody matters went into effect earlier this year and aims to prioritize the best interests of children and encourage collaboration between parents. A parenting plan determines how parents will care for children and make ...

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Committee discusses adultery repeal, move toward no-fault divorce

Members of a Senate committee contemplated the potential family law consequences of repealing the rarely charged crime of adultery and contemplated a broader discussion about moving toward no-fault divorce. Del. Kathleen M. Dumais, D-Montgomery, is making her second attempt in ...

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Md. child-support guidelines would be changed under coming legislation

ANNAPOLIS – Legislation will soon be introduced to remove a controversial provision in Maryland family law that sharply reduces noncustodial parents’ child-support obligations once they have hosted their children overnight 128 times in a year. Opponents of the current provision ...

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