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Analysis: Frosh’s stance on fantasy sports in Md. lends to confusion

Daily fantasy sports gaming in the state may owe its murky legal status in Maryland to the state’s top attorney. Brian E. Frosh, the first-term attorney general, bills himself as a lawyer who calls balls and strikes. His position on the ...

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Congress putting daily fantasy sports games under scrutiny

WASHINGTON — Congress on Wednesday launched a fact-finding mission into the loosely regulated world of fantasy sports games — a multibillion-dollar business that seemingly advertised everywhere during the pro football season. Lawmakers at a House hearing were generally supportive of ...

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Stephen Martino: Md. should follow Virginia’s lead on fantasy sports

In state legislatures across the country, bills are moving to establish and clarify consumer protection standards for fantasy sports. The overwhelming majority of these efforts will ensure millions of fans can continue to play fantasy sports, install sensible oversight to ...

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Odds favor summer study on Md. fantasy sports legislation

ANNAPOLIS — Don’t bet on the General Assembly resolving the questions surrounding the operation of commercial fantasy gaming sites this session. The Senate co-chair of the Joint Oversight Committee on Gaming said three bills introduced on the subject are in ...

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Md. state officials call for scrutiny of fantasy sports league sites

Maryland is on track to join the growing number of states that are looking at potentially regulating short-term or one-day fantasy football games, with a growing number of officials calling for an in-depth review of the industry and whether it ...

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