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Wandering pigs find new home in Davidsonville

DAVIDSONVILLE — Feasting on a buffet of fruit, vegetables and leftovers at their new home in Davidsonville, Stimpson and Ren snorted contentedly. The pair of pot-bellied pigs will eat just about anything, warm or cold, said Martin Hoy, who owns ...

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Grant to help farmers turn waste to energy

COLLEGE PARK — Maryland chicken farms produce a substantial amount of phosphorous-rich chicken manure, which contributes to pollution in the Chesapeake Bay. One solution to the problem: Turn the poop into power. A new grant program from the U.S. Department ...

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Supreme Court: No right to runoff in modern-day water war

BILLINGS, Mont. — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that Wyoming farmers are not taking too much water from a river system they share with neighboring Montana. The high court turned away Montana’s complaint that Wyoming was violating a 1950 ...

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2 farmers’ groups sue over Chesapeake Bay cleanup

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Two farmers’ organizations sued the federal government Monday over a Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan, challenging the legality of its pollution standards and asking a judge to keep them from being enforced or applied. The American Farm Bureau ...

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