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Environmentally conscious entrepreneurs making most out of restaurant waste

Much has been made of the farm-to-table restaurant movement. But what happens to all the food that ends up uneaten at the table? In what you might call a burgeoning table-to-farm movement, a small but growing number of companies are ...

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Commentary: Maryland economy relies on U.S. government (access required)

The Wall Street Journal printed a devastating editorial highlighting a stark contrast between who is pulling the wagon and who is riding in it. In “We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers,” published April 1, Stephen Moore writes that ...

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Environmental group criticizes agribusiness impact

ANNAPOLIS — A Maryland environmental group is calling on the state and federal regulators to protect waterways from so-called corporate agribusinesses. Environment Maryland and Environment America released the report Wednesday. The groups says farming is not necessarily a polluting activity, ...

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Mentors helping farmers switch to grazing

ANNAPOLIS — As a restoration scientist for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Rob Schnabel shuttles around Western Maryland in his hybrid car persuading farmers to switch to grazing — which he said is healthier, eco-friendly and more profitable than confinement farming, ...

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