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Facebook to make privacy changes ‘opt-in’

SAN FRANCISCO — Government regulators are sharing some alarming information about Facebook: They believe the online social network has often misled its more than 800 million users about the sanctity of their personal information. The unflattering portrait of Facebook’s privacy ...

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Government pulls back on junk food marketing proposal

WASHINGTON — Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam can rest easy. Government officials fine-tuning guidelines for marketing food to children say they won’t push the food industry to get rid of colorful cartoon characters on cereal boxes anytime soon. Allowing ...

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Barry Rosen: Health care horizontal merger guidelines are changing

Recent federal guidance should remind health care organizations to evaluate the antitrust laws carefully when considering a merger with an actual or potential competitor. The federal Clayton Act prohibits firms from merging with competitors (that is, merging horizontally) when the ...

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FTC settles with Rockville companies over false debt relief claims

Three Rockville companies and their owner have agreed to pay $500,000 and stop offering debt relief services as part of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. Media Innovations LLC, Hermosa Group LLC, Financial Future Network LLC and their owner, ...

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Gary S. Williams: Planning can help reduce big funeral expenses

It doesn’t matter whether a loved one dies suddenly or with warning — funeral costs can be daunting. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, which bills itself as the world’s leading funeral service association, the average cost of an ...

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Dannon to pay $21M, drop some yogurt health claims

PORTLAND, Ore. — Dannon Co. Inc. has agreed pay $21 million and drop some health claims for its Activia yogurt and DanActive dairy drink in settlements with state and federal regulators. The food company has claimed that beneficial bacteria in ...

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