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Maryland high court will hear appeal by Baltimore County officer’s convicted teen killer

Maryland’s top court agreed to hear the appeal of a teen convicted of felony murder and sentenced to life in prison for running into and killing a Baltimore County police officer.

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Lawmakers will consider tenants’ right to counsel, juvenile justice reform

A pandemic-fueled economic freefall and nationwide protests calling for criminal justice reform have spurred Maryland legislators to examine ways to enhance legal representation for low-income residents facing eviction and to protect the rights of imprisoned or criminally charged youngsters this ...

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Md. top court: Lawyers must challenge inconsistent verdicts before jury leaves

Criminal-defense attorneys who hesitate in challenging inconsistent verdicts are lost – and so, of course, are their clients, Maryland’s top court has ruled in affirming the first-degree felony murder conviction of a man the same jury acquitted of the underlying felony of robbery.

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