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Guns in capitol buildings divide states after armed protests (access required)

HELENA, Mont. — In the past year, insurrectionists have breached the U.S. Capitol and armed protesters have forced their way into statehouses around the country. But the question of whether guns should be allowed in capitol buildings remains political, and ...

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Maryland car dealer arrested in NY on weapons charges (access required)

NEW YORK — Maryland car dealer Jacob “Jack” Antwerpen was arrested in New York on Wednesday after authorities determined he did not have a valid license for several firearms found aboard his yacht. The Baltimore Sun reports that U.S. Coast ...

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Appellant filed a motion to suppress the firearm recovered from his residence. The motion was heard and denied. Appellant was convicted, pursuant to a not guilty agreed statement of facts, of possession of a regulated firearm after being convicted of a misdemeanor carrying a penalty of more than two years imprisonment. Appellant filed this timely appeal, presenting the following question: Was it error to deny the motion to suppress the firearm seized from and searched in appellant’s home?

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No reprieve for Md. gun rights advocates (access required)

Maryland’s new gun-control law dodged a bullet on its first day Tuesday, as a federal judge rejected arguments from gun-rights advocates to block statutory provisions banning the purchase of semi-automatic assault weapons and requiring handgun purchasers to be licensed by the state before buying.

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