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USDA gives Maryland bonus for SNAP effort

Maryland received a $3.4 million bonus incentive payment from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for getting food assistance to low-income families, the state announced this week. Maryland is the top-performing state (and second only to the District of Columbia) for ...

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Neil Dubovsky: Food stamp challenge – the importance of SNAP

Today is day 3 of my family’s participation in the food stamp challenge, and so far, so good. I will provide greater detail tomorrow, but as I stated yesterday, I want to devote today’s column to providing more information about the food stamp program itself and its importance.

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House GOP unveils budget blueprint

WASHINGTON — Conservative House Republicans on Tuesday set up what appears to be a potential re-run of last year’s turbulent domestic policy fight with President Barack Obama, putting forward an election-year budget manifesto that would blend steep social program cuts ...

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University of Baltimore law students take the food stamp challenge

Some University of Baltimore law students inadvertently put one foot in the real world last fall when they signed up for the Law and Poverty Seminar. In addition to reading case law related to poverty, they were required to get ...

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