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Odor-based pot arrests are unconstitutional: Md. high court

Police officers lack probable cause to arrest and search someone for marijuana possession simply for smelling of the drug, because possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana is not a crime in Maryland, the state’s top court unanimously ruled ...

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4th Circuit denies expedited review of Baltimore surveillance ruling

A federal appeals court has rejected a request from civil rights groups that it expedite its consideration of their constitutional challenge to the Baltimore Police Department’s use of aerial surveillance to fight crime in the city. Without comment, the 4th ...

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ACLU seeks expedited review of Baltimore aerial surveillance ruling

Saying time is of the essence when the Constitution is at stake, civil rights groups are urging a federal appeals court to expedite consideration of whether the Baltimore Police Department’s use of aerial surveillance to fight crime in the city ...

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Federal judge OKs police use of aerial surveillance in Baltimore

A federal judge on Friday gave the Baltimore Police Department an all-clear to begin using aerial surveillance to fight crime in the city, rejecting arguments that the overflights would violate Baltimoreans’ constitutional protection against unreasonable searches and their right to ...

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Baltimore police department: Aerial surveillance constitutional

The Baltimore Police Department this week defended the constitutionality of its planned use of aerial surveillance of the city, citing BPD’s compelling need to fight violent crime and saying Baltimoreans have no “reasonable expectation of privacy” when walking in public. ...

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ACLU seeks to block aerial surveillance as unconstitutional

A civil rights group is seeking a federal court order to block the Baltimore Police Department’s planned aerial surveillance of the city, saying the crime-fighting tactic would violate Baltimoreans’ constitutional right to free association and protection against unreasonable searches. The ...

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