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Justices decline to hear Baltimore bank robbers’ appeal

Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday declined without comment to hear the appeals of two Baltimore bank robbers who had argued that police violated their constitutional rights by tracking their past travels through cellphone tower records collected without a search warrant.

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PG County officer evades liability for now-unconstitutional act

If the allegations are true, a Prince George’s County police officer violated a suspected violent criminal’s constitutional rights in 2012 by shooting the armed, but non-threatening man while making an arrest, a federal appeals court ruled Monday. But the officer, ...

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Md. high court: Drug dog reliability decisions get deference

Appellate courts must defer to a trial judge’s determination that a drug-sniffing dog was reliable unless that finding was clearly wrong, Maryland’s top court has ruled in setting the review standard for the often-decisive factor in whether police had probable cause to search a vehicle.

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Md. high court finds trunk search constitutional

Police officers were constitutionally justified in searching a car’s trunk for illegal drugs despite only finding them in a passenger’s possession during a traffic stop in Germantown and after a fruitless search of the vehicle’s interior, a divided Maryland high court ruled Friday.

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House panel drops gun-suppression appeals from crime bill

ANNAPOLIS – The House Judiciary Committee has dropped from omnibus anti-crime legislation a provision that would permit prosecutors to appeal judges’ decisions to suppress from evidence at trial guns the judges conclude were seized from defendants in violation of their ...

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Md. high court considers whether drug-detecting dogs deserve deference

ANNAPOLIS – Appellate courts should review anew the qualifications of drug-sniffing dogs when determining if police had probable cause to search a vehicle based on the canines’ whiff, a defense attorney said Thursday in urging Maryland’s top court to question ...

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